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SEICO Press Release

27 Mar 2019

EXHEAT Group Ltd, a world class provider of hazardous area heating and control solutions has officially announced today that it has acquired 100% share capital of SEICO Industrie-Elektrowärme GmbH and SEICO Heizungen GmbH (SEICO Group), a German…

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SEICO Develops New Design of Liquid-Cooled Braking Resistors

31 Mar 2011

After more than 10-years of successful experience in the area of development and delivery of liquid-cooled braking resistors for hybrid-vehicles and fuel cell-vehicles, SEICO has completed a re-design in 2009. Many years of experience from more than…

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SEICO Expands Business in Asia

05 Feb 2009

Cooperation with Porass Co. Ltd., Taiwan. The new successful business relationship with Porass Co. Ltd., Kaohsiung, Taiwan expands SEICO’s presence in…

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